Friday, November 19, 2010

Wednesdays are steaming up!

My Wednesday nights have been flying by. Number five and six to be exact with D, my boyfriend, in our total BFGF bliss. Sigh...and then puke, we make you sick, right!

Seriously though. Dream date numeral six Wednesday consisted of an AHMAAZING pot roast that stewed in his crock pot all day. D brought over the ingrediants and cooking gadgets (he owns a garlic press and isn't afraid to use it) to my house morning of--and proceeded to make one of the best comfort foods of all time. Add to the atmosphere a roaring fire in my fireplace and a string of "Top Chef Just Desserts" episodes culminating in the finale, and we serve up yet another super hot, memorable date. Nice.

Back up to my fifth Wednesday with D. By now, he's met my kids. I've met his parents, his brothers, and their families. He's cooked for me, I've cooked for him. We've done laundry together, grocery shopped, and experienced all the typical day-to-day stuff with each other. We've done my softball games, played tennis, golf, darts, shuffleboard, and rolled dice. We're now in the comfort zone. So what better than a great rental, great dinner and another great Wednesday night.

Sheesh. Life is good when shared, isn't it.

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