Sunday, November 7, 2010

"F" is for ....

As you know from my previous blogs, Wednesday is THE night of the week for my whatever--date night, GNO. Name it-it's usually planned and always fun. Lately, that means spending time with D, the totally hot, totally cool, new guy in my life. Which brings me to my newfound, new four F's. Similar to Marketing's four Ps, in my recently found BF/GF relationship bliss, everything lately has revolved around the four Fs. Last Wednesday, and for that matter, all week, was no exception.
Flexible. Had to switch our Wednesday nite to Tuesday. Dinner at his house already planned, he never hesitated. Not a problem. How about an hour's notice of meeting my friends (for the first time) instead of just the two of us hanging out. No issues.

Fun. Our time spent together is always easy and effortless. Whether it's early morning football over bloody marys, watching a movie, or meeting up with family. We make it about the fun.

Foundation. OK, so this is where I go a little deeper. Every successful partnership needs a solid foundation build from mutual respect, mutual understanding, and most of all mutual trust. So, when faced with adversity or conflict, there's nothing that we can't face together.

Family. Deciding when to introduce your kids to your guy is a big deal. It better be the real deal and you better be right. So, when it happens, and you bond over Wii and end with hugs all around, you know it's right.

Friends. Fans. The future. Fill in your F, and see where it takes you. I can't wait to see where my new relationship goes next.