Monday, November 8, 2010

It’s a small world after all

A few of my friends packed up this weekend for a trip to Disneyland with their family and I couldn’t help but start singing the tune to the good old Mickey Mouse Club. Yes, before the days of Hannah Montana and High School Musical, there was the Mickey Mouse Club to entertain the children of America. Back in the day when Britney was an innocent little girl and Justin Timberlake’s blonde curls were not nearly as hot a commodity as they are today. But I digress…

I also couldn’t help but be reminded of another Disney attraction that haunts me to this day – Small World. Not the ride itself, but the fact that the lyrics are oh so true! Case in point, with my POF social experiment in full swing, I’ve been more than entertained by the fish in the sea and I’ve been talking to a few guys so far. There is one fish in particular that has caught my attention though. We’ll call him “Croutons” for the sake of this post (DISCLAIMER – I do not give dates real names until I know they’re meant to stay for a while).

I’d been emailing with Croutons for a few days and the back-and-forth exchange was actually quite fun. So, we took it to the next step and so began the texting. There was something familiar about him though, and I couldn’t quite place where I had seen him before…his picture to be precise. And so, after a couple days of racking my brain and putting my detective skills to good use, I finally put two and two together…he was friends with someone I’m very close with and I’d seen his picture on her FB friends. A quick text to verify and POOF, we had an instant connection to spark even more conversation.

At the end of a very pleasant first phone call, Croutons suggested a chance to get to know each other better over drinks. He was direct, confident, made decisions easily. So refreshing in the, “where you do you want to go?” “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” world of indecisive conversations so many people face on a first date. And so we met, at a great bar in our suburb town, enjoyed a couple glasses of wine and talked and laughed for over three hours. We even had a laugh over our mutual friend because as luck would have it, this mutual friend has actually talked to both of us at some point about introducing us. I don’t know where things will go with Croutons, but sheesh, it really is a small world after all!

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  1. Sounds like he's a seasoned crouton!