Friday, October 29, 2010

Third Wednesday Thanks!

You know you've met the right guy for you when you're ready to give thanks. And I don't mean the expected "amazing date...thx" or the "wow..thanks for being there for me." Those are given. I mean during chill time (for me, a buble bath), feeling an amazing amount of gratitude for relationships past--freeing you to appreciate the guy standing right in front of you, whose witty, online text happened to catch your eye. I've finally met THAT guy who does it for me. Super cool (love his old school pumas), honest and open, doesn't play games, shares similar interests (tennis and golf...really!), and what my married frined Stacey likes to call a similar "lifespace." That time in your life where you both instinctively know the type of relationship and partner that you want and don't want and the foundation you want to build with somene else. And suddenly, I have an overwhelming urge to reach out and THANK all those guys in my past that didn't work out, weren't the right fit, or that I didn't settle for--my ex, the player, the hottie, the nice guy, my LDR, the sexter--and similar women in his life. Because they totally helped us arrive at that point where we recognized quickly and with surprisingly clear decisiveness that we've now encountered THAT person that makes us smile without trying, who we can't imagine not being with, whose touch is a great combination of awesome and sexy, and, total bonus, is equally into us.

So, I caught some flack since my last two posts over me and my guy's "perfect dates." If you're in that camp, you may want to stop readinjg. You're about to gag again. Yesterday, I spent my third consecutive Wednesday with D, playing hooky from work. He drove out to pick me up. On a perfect fall morning, we head to The Ridge golf course, beautiful track, where I proceed to take him to the 17th green in our little match play wager. Lose, but really win because what an amazing time. Followed it up with drinks at the course, a fabulous dinner in town, more amazing conversation, all so easy, all so wow. And an invite to meet his parents and family. Isn't that what a perfect date with a perfect guy is supposed to be about? Thanks to the universe for allowing D to walk into my life and our execs to walk out. I can't wait for next Wednesday!

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  1. AWESOME! I celebrate your long overdue happiness.