Friday, October 22, 2010

It Happens on Wednesday…

Wednesday night. Hump day, mid-week, just another night ho-hum night to most people, right?!? Since my divorce three years ago, Wednesdays have been THAT evening that this single girl with three kids gets all to herself—no carting kids to soccer or dance practice, no listening to Dr. Suess AGAIN, no helping with pre-algebra (WHAT!), no responsibilities. Doesn’t matter what I’ve planned—GNOs (that always rock), online meet & greets (gulp), I always look forward to what Wednesdays bring. Which takes me to eight days ago…and this site’s initial blog. I was the one with the first date. And what a date it was. Who gets locked into a golf course after chipping and putting? I mean, locked in where you can’t drive your car out of the parking lot! And, who, after a Blue Moon or two on the putting green with a totally cute, totally funny, totally cool, single guy (apparently they exist!), decides, eh….let’s just leave our cars and walk to grab a bite. No freak-out panic, just grins and laughs, and a reach for my hand. And, who blows off the sushi restaurant down the block to walk several miles down a completely dark Green Valley Road to a bar called Purple Place, where we play darts (and tie), shoot pool, play shuffleboard and roll dice—all totally digging on this AMAZING guy. I distinctly remember the point at which reality set in. He called his friend, let him know we were stranded (my iPhone conveniently dead). Instead of bailing us out, we decided WTF. We got into this together, we’ll get out of it together. One short cab ride later to a nearby Folsom hotel, decide take the stairs and avoid the Intel pin-striped suit guys. “Happened” upon the indoor pool and hot tub. After a swift “turn around!” there we were—strangers in a hot tub, who had totally clicked and bonded over the past several hours after responding to an online question…”Golf and tennis…where have you been?” OK, so it didn’t hurt that he passed my personal litmus test. The kiss. Confident, with just the right flipping amount of passion. He had it. Fast forward to the morning, grabbed a cab back to our parked cars, and went our separate ways. Talked later. Agreed that our first date was, if you really counted all that we did, like 15 dates combined into one series of crazy events. Somehow, we had bypassed the sometimes slow, awkward do-I-really-like-you stage, and went straight to wow…you are someone I want to get to know better. As one of my best guy friends likes to remind me, dating is supposed to be FUN. Look for my weekly Wednesday night blogs, where I hope to revel in the FUN and adventure of getting to know my “best first date ever” guy plus more!

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  1. Good GAWD are an inspiration to us all!