Thursday, October 21, 2010

Caution: now entering the “buddy” zone

My entire life I’ve been blessed with great friends, and yes, a lot of male friends to boot. I don’t know what it is, but I’m practically instant buds with every guy I meet. Sometimes it’s a blessing and a curse! Why a curse you ask? Well, it goes a little something like this…

About a year ago, I met a guy...completely outside of my normal “type,” but something just clicked and we started dating. He was fun, affectionate, caring…everything was great, and we dated for a few months. And then one day, names like “babe” and “hon” were replaced with “buddy,” “homie” and “nerd.” Ok ladies, these are not terms of endearment, no matter how comfortable either of you are in your relationship. While he might be comfortable, you’ve now officially transitioned from girlfriend to girl pal, a.k.a, buddy. In other words, he’s most likely lost that lovin feelin (cue Maverick and Goose in their hot Navy whites in the middle of a bar).

Now, if you’re me, and you’ve had guy friends your entire life, it might take you a while to figure this out, and even longer to understand how you can transition from girlfriend to buddy overnight. It’s not easy.

Who knows, maybe you feel the same way – you like the guy but think you’re better friends – or maybe you are hurt, confused and can’t imagine being “just friends” after you’ve had this strong romantic connection with him. All I can say is, go with your gut and stick to your decision. Your heart often knows things before your head does, so make sure you listen to that voice inside you, and proceed with caution when entering the “buddy” zone!


  1. What if the endearing term your husband calls you is chicken? Is our relationship in trouble?

  2. I think you're safe LadyMAB. Seems to fit the personality of your marriage!