Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For it’s one, two, three strikes your out

I hate to always try and find a metaphor for dating, but for some reason, they just come all too easily sometimes. So the Krewtons saga has been dragging out into extra innings, and frankly, as the umpire in my own life, I’m finally calling the game.

So last month Krewtons had thrown enough bad pitches to walk the entire lineup, so I pulled him from the game. Well, like most players that won’t give up, he kept throwing the ball my way, hoping I’d pick it up and throw it back to him. So finally, one day I did. Unfortunately, even after all that time in the bullpen, his arm still wasn’t game-ready.

I’ve been trying out other pitchers while Krewtons was in the bullpen, and it’s made me realize that there really are better players out there. So last night, I sent Krewtons back to the minors, and we’ll see how he fares down there. In the meantime, I may consider a new sport…like soccer! My new friend Pele (yes, I know it’s going way back in the game for a nickname, but let’s face it, no one can stand up against David Beckham anyway) is quickly winning my heart like a World Cup Cinderella story. So, we’ll see how it goes dribbling up and down the field with him!

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