Monday, January 17, 2011

Are you all in?

So D, my BF of 15 "Wednesday nights,"recently relayed a conversation he had with some HS buddies that I found both funny and insightful.

First the funny. "So, is she all in?" his friend asked during their GNO. Apparently, this is code for is she all there...not playing games...or playing it safe...and willing to risk "all in" for the relationship even if it means getting hurt. His friend, knowing that D puts himself out there, was interested in D not getting hurt. D replied that I was. Yep, for the first time since the big "D" three years ago and, if you've read my previous blogs, numerous THIS relationship with THIS guy, I haven't played it safe or by the books. And, it's been amazing.

Now, the insight. "All in" pretty much describes my mantra of late. My career, my parenting style, my homelife....I'm all in. I'm willing to put myself out there with the confidence of knowing that I hold a great hand, and whatever comes as a result, I've played smart and worked hard to be in this position.

I'm going to continue my "all in" status in 2011. Will keep you posted on the big hands, the bluffs, and what happens as a result. I love this game.

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