Monday, January 10, 2011

What exactly is a self-employed barista?

“I could have met you in a sandbox. I could have passed you on the sidewalk.” John Mayer was onto to something when he wrote, “Love Song for No One.” I think about this a lot – what if I’ve already met that someone I’m supposed to be with. Or, even better, what if that person I’m meant to be with is the random guy I pass on the freeway or stand behind in line at the grocery store. Then again, the whole “fate” concept has always been a little foreign to me, so until someone proves me wrong, I’m sticking to the good old fashioned online dating scene.

After a couple months of dating, Croutons spent a little too much time in the corporate salad dressing and got a little soggy. So, I find myself again, testing the waters of the world wide web in search of a suitor. Ladies and gentlemen, can I just say, I think I’d rather be single right now considering my options at the moment – a self employed barista, a weightlifter, or a musician that waits tables to pay the bills.

Like most people, I have my list of must-haves (integrity, sense of humor, ambition, family-oriented, reliable transportation, sports fan, just to name a few), like-to-haves (stable job, individuality, taller than 5’10”, likes wine, up on current events, etc.) and the deal breakers (infidelity, smoker, dependent, unmotivated, egotistical, poor hygiene, bad manners, etc.). Is a well-rounded gentleman too much to ask for?

Until I find that well-rounded gentleman, I’m going to embrace each new opportunity with an open mind. After all, a great friend once told me you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. And we all know, there are more than enough frogs out there, and even better, tadpoles to have some fun with (more on that in my next post)!

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