Monday, December 13, 2010

Have tool belt, will travel ...

I'm now convinced that there are very few things sexier than a man with tools who knows how to use them. Take "D," the guy I'm dating, for instance. We're nine Wednesdays (our date night) into our relationship, and last night he whips out his wire cutters, a box overflowing with wires (yes...only wires) and splices into a strand of outside Christmas lights and connects them to a new wire with a plug...and POW, they're once again usable. Girls, doesn't that beat the guy with the Abercrombie abs ALL DAY LONG!! So far, he's connected a light kit to my ceiling fan, hooked up my new HD tv and VCR, checked and replaced my air filters (without asking), fixed the hose on my washing machine, and oiled my garage door. And that's just a sample. Now that's hot. Super hot.
Fixes like that in my world typically get placed on hold indefinitely, or I end up overspending on a Handy Bob housecall. Definitely one of the drags of being a single, working mom. Sure, I could have lived without a ceiling fan light, or gone a little while longer on my filters. But how nice, to have the icemaker that never worked right, now working like a charm (true story, and Fix #1).
BTW, don't get me started on his kitchen utensils. I'll save that for another day.

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